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I Love Ujena!

Kimbre (UT#11845) Mother/Model

Why do I love Ujena? First, the people.  They are top-notch, first class, cream of the crop.  Truly.  Second, the suits and clothes!! No matter how you're feeling on any given day, the right suit or dress can, and will, pick you up and put a sexy little grin on your face! 

I'm living proof of that fact! When I first came to Ujena, I had been a stay at home Mom for 11 years.  What did I know of swimsuits?  Didn't matter, they were interested in what I had to say and ....here's the kicker, they LISTEN to their buyers! They want us all to be happy and feeling our best and sexiest, each time we slip on anything Ujena; even if it IS just a ballcap! ;-)

They are wildly creative and because of this, you find the best suits at the best prices, all made right here in the USA. I wonder how many OTHER swimsuit companies that deluge your mailbox with useless catalogs six or seven days a week, can say that..not many, if any at all. AND..by not sending out those annoying catalogs everyday, they keep their product priced right, so everyone can enjoy the sexiness that only a Ujena Swimsuit can make you feel! Sexy AND affordable? It MUST be Ujena.

Brian Williams (UT#10444) Photographer

There are so many things I love about Ujena. The sense of fun, the exotic locations, the cool clothing line, the exposure through the media, the great times.

But for me, the main reason I love Ujena is the sense of friendship and family. Even though I originally joined Ujena as a networking opportunity, a pleasant and unexpected bonus of being a part of Ujena, is the sense of friendship and family.

I’ve met a lot of people through Ujena. Some of those people have become such an important part of my life, that I’ve often wondered what my life would be like without them. They have literally changed my life for the better. This friendship has helped me create some of the best photos of my life.

Without Ujena, my life would definitely be poorer. So thank you Ujena for being a great part of my life, as a partner, friend and most importantly, my family.

Andria Lea (UT#14615) Swimwear Model

I love Ujena because.....
-...the variety of suits is endless and wonderfully designed!
-...the people I have met at the Jams have changed my life!
-...the owners and staff are so professional and friendly!
-...it's like a second family!
-...the Jams provide endless opportunities for advancing your career- and they are a blast!!
-...I have some amazing images that would not exist if it were not for Ujena!
-...it has made it possible for me to work with people and companies from all over the world!
-...I have appeared on TV and in Maxim En Espanol because I attended the Jam- as well as other international features too!
-...the website has a million user friendly and fun features and you can post as many photos as you like- for free!

-...they are a highly respected company with years of experience!
-...Ujena is innovative and very generous with scholarships via online contests!
-...they appreciate individuality and truly care about their models!
-...every Jam I attend is a completely different experience that I will remember the rest if my life!
-...I was a top 11 model in Cancun!
-...I won a $5000 prize from QOOP at the 2nd Annual Image Awards!
-...they value fitness and health!
-...Bob can run really fast!
-...you get cool freebies when you sign up for a Jam!
-...they send Christmas cards!
-...it gives me an excuse to take "vacations" all over the world!!
-...the staff photographers are really talented!

-...Ujena rocks my world!
-...they are always looking for ways to improve!
-...Lisa helped me out when I lost my swimsuit bottoms!
-...they are family oriented!
-...they are opening new divisions all over North America!
-...Jam footage is seen on TV specials!
-...Bob grew up near me!
-...they have a classy image!
-...to me the word Ujena conveys fun, amazin pictures, friendship, opportunity, beaches and sunny skies, cool bikinis, awesome parties, a superb website, and memories that will last a lifetime!!

Summer Alexis (UT#14601) Swimwear Model

I love Ujena because like a smorgasbord, it has a little bit of everything to satisfy anyone’s craving. Unlike some other sites, Ujena Talent, or UT, cost me nothing to sign up with no monthly fees and I’ve been able to showcase an indefinite amount of images. I’ve had the opportunity to attend a bikini jam and I must say it’s an ingenious event! It allows models, photographers, and make-up artists from all over the world to collaborate together all in one exotic location, not to mention compete for numerous awards and prizes. If that’s not enough, Ujena is affiliated with a long list of partners and sponsors allowing you to network with some of the top leaders in the industry and gain exposure for yourself. Plus, they have fun activities for you to participate in and talent workshops to help you strengthen your skills and wisdom as a model, photographer, or make-up artist.

I’ve worked with the Ujena staff and they are all wonderful, courteous and helpful, which makes your experience with UT all the more enjoyable. I’ve also made many friends here on UT where you feel a sense of community. And if you share a passion for fashion like me, Ujena has great variety of styles in swimwear and clothing to tailor your body type.

So, if you want a place to get noticed, travel, compete in exciting events for awards and prizes, network, develop friendships, shop, and overall gain confidence, wisdom and experience in this industry, Ujena is the place to be! But don’t just take my word for it…experience it for yourself! 

Shawn Ankrom (UT#24753) Swimwear Model

Any time one tries to find answers in the fashion world, roadblocks are at every turn.  Ujena, with its talent Web site, overturns roadblocks and gives service professionals, models and photographers an avenue of access to promotions, skill development and real-world opportunities like no other venue.  

With Ujena, it’s simple to get started developing or enhancing a portfolio, gaining insight into how the complex fashion world operates and adding experience to further your career.

I’ve made more personal contacts with legitimate opportunities to work with other professionals than with all other online venues combined – all within only a couple of months. As I continue to participate in the Ujena community, I’m inspired by others to pursue more opportunities, add more professional relationships and further my goals of developing my fashion photography career.
And, all the access is free.

What one makes of opportunity falls upon the individual. Ujena has provided a road with no tolls for anyone to travel, so you only have to decide how far you want to go and simply start your journey.

Read the announcements, personal profiles and messages from Ujena, and you will find a pervasive flow of supportive conversation among professionals, a willingness to share help and insight with others, suggestions for success and good old fun and smiles.

Ujena’s business model of providing an open community where everyone can get in on the ride is not common in the excessively competitive fashion industry, and that’s what makes Ujena stand out, continue to grow quickly and move forward like no other company.

You gotta’ love all that is Ujena!

Lisa Maria Holte (UT#15998) Swimwear Model

I remember when I was attending college in Washington, DC, and at homecoming I was approached by a recruiter who told me about the UjENA Bikini Jam. I decided to enter, filled out the paperwork, and sent in some photos. My best moment took place when Bob Anderson, founder and President of UjENA, called me personally to congratulate me on being qualified to compete in the Bikini Jam. And more amazingly on that note, I am hard of hearing, so he called me on the TTY line, which is a device that was widely used by the deaf and hard of hearing community! I was incredibly honored that the President of UjENA took the time to call me! I of course thanked Bob, promptly accepted the invite to Bikini Jam X, and then moved out to California to give this modeling opportunity a shot.

My love for UjENA became ever stronger after competing in Bikini Jam X which took place in Costa Mesa, CA back in 1995. From that time I was hooked and the memories and connections I developed have been with me ever since. At that Jam I also made the Swimwear Illustrated Calendar and the UjENA Bikini Team – from over 300 contestants I couldn’t have been more thrilled!

Over the years, UjENA has always promoted health and fitness and has included many events in their Jams involving runway, talents shows, sports including the one I participated in - archery, and the 5k run which has been in every Jam since its inception. All this has demonstrated why I love UjENA so much – for its continued mission: the empowerment of women to lead a healthy, happy, and physically fit lifestyle. And beautiful women from all over the world have lived this dream and been a part of the International Bikini Jams demonstrating their talent, beauty, and athleticism.

I love that UjENA also provides amazing opportunities in the form of scholarship program contests, numerous Bikini Jam beauty and fitness sponsored competitions, and endless networking with other models and photographers. That is one of the other incredible and unique things about the Bikini Jam competitions – they are a combined swimsuit model and photographer competition. This ends up attracting photographers from all over the world, photographers who have a great passion for their craft and create high quality photos which end up making the UjENA Swimwear Illustrated magazines the best ever!

UjENA’s merchandise is the best in the market. They have the right materials to fit every model and continue to create a wide variety of new fashion and swimwear lines that radiate the right qualities and concepts of what makes good taste. UjENA’s media also does an amazing job in covering the Bikini Jams at the many different breathtaking and exotic locations which include Stiges, Spain; Sydney, Australia; Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

What’s not to love about UjENA? We are all a part of the ever loving and growing UjENA family! I LOVE UjENA and always will!

Erlinda Armendariz (UT#20898) Model's Mom

I can’t believe you are giving me the opportunity to write what I felt about Ujena the first time I went to a Bikini Jam with my daughter. I had heard a lot about the Ujena Bikini Jams from several photographers and thought it would be a great opportunity for my daughter to give it a shot. We totally underestimated the experience of “Ujena” THE COMPANY.

My daughter ordered several swimsuits from Ujena and there quality was top notched. My daughter and I signed up to go to the Puerto Vallarta Bikini Jam 23 and we were totally amazed at how we were treated, we were not just another name on a page. We had several other people who decided to go with us and coordinating rooms and everything else that went along with the trip felt so personalized. Cassandra with Ujena new who I was. When ever I needed help she new about everyone in my party and what we still needed to do.

When we arrived in Puerto Vallarta we were treated like part of the family. I was overwhelmed by how much Ujena covered expenses at the Jam, from food, drinks and all the parties. Our trip was better than most vacations I have ever taken. I was able to meet some unbelievable friendly people at the jam, from the staff, to photographs, to models, to their families. And not just a one time meets, but friendships that we still keep in touch with. Competing in the Ujena competition for their top model was an experience my daughter tells everyone about. She never expected to make it to the top 20 and then found herself in the top 10. But it wasn’t just the Ujena top Model competition that drew her interest but the fact that she could talk to over 20 other companies about possible working for them as well. When we came back from Puerto Vallarta we couldn’t stop talking about the outstanding event Ujena had put on. So my daughter and I will be taking 10 new models and photographers with us to Puerto Vallarta this year.

One of the other things I love about Ujena is their web site Ujenatalent.com I love the fact that their site is divided up into categories and that you are not limited on how many photos you can put on your site. The fact that I can also respond back right away to someone who left me a message is great. The web site just has so many things of interest going on from contests to forums to who’s site is viewed the most.

Ujena gives people a chance to experience their dreams. From wearing their swimsuits and clothing, to being photographed by an photographer from a different country , to traveling to exotic locations with out having to pay outrageous prices. To meeting a friend on your site that lives on the other side of the world when you never imagined meeting them. It happened to us.

John Lucassian (UT#12658) Photographer

Ujena has provided me with a combination of things that I could not get anywhere else.

As a photographer, I'm constantly finding new sites to market myself on and show off my porfolio. Most are simply portfolio post sites, some feature blogs, forum or some other type of 'network' feature, but none has the sense of community that ujenatalent.com has. The quality of the photographers and the models that I see on ujenatalent.com is also outstanding. That's even more amazing in that there is no fee to join the site.

I have attended many group shoots, workshops and seminars over the years, but NOTHING like the Ujena Talent Jam. It's difficult to explain to someone how much MORE this is than what you see on the surface. The pairing of gorgeous models and well-made, beautiful swimsuits in such a lush, exotic location was perfect for creating fansatic images. Also, my trip ended up being one of the best learning experiences I could have asked for.

By being a part of the Ujena community and Talent Jam, I've made freinds that I hope to keep for life, increased my skills as a photographer and made business contacts that I would never have dreamed of making.

I'll definitely be coming back again and again!

Leslie Bond (UT#25919 Makeup Artist

The reasons “I Love UjENA” can be summed up into 3 categories (and as soon as I mention them, they are going to be just as self evident to you as they are to me); Quality of Staff, Quality of Members, and Quality of Product.

As far as Staff, they are on the ball! I mean come on, I hadn’t even been a member for 24 hours and I’d already received inside information on incredible opportunities as a make-up artist for competitions in other countries! Who else can offer that?? I was quickly and efficiently made a member and I can honestly say, on another modeling site, it took me THREE WEEKS to join. My pictures took next to no time to be approved to my portfolio which is always a good thing when the whole point is to “get you work out there to be seen.” The site itself has easy access to information and very operator friendly with loading and organizing pictures in my profile. Organized, organized, organized is what they are!

The Members, you want to talk about, “Quality”? That is what UjENA has to offer. Page after page of talent! Models, Photographers, Make-up Artists, Hair, etc, you name it, they have it! If you want to know where the beautiful people are…Right here!!

And last but not least: Quality of Product. Incredibly hot swimwear, beachwear, day and evening wear! But really, that’s not even the only type of “products” that they offer: The UjENA Jams themselves are a product that they offer. Where else can professionals of all areas of modeling get together under “one roof” and create some fantastic, one of a kind art? Picking exotic location, the amount of time, energy and money that goes into making it happen” for everyone in attendance, that kind of dedication? That’s UjENA!

Kelly Marie Szabo (UT#11770) Swimwear Model

U-jena is a Family owned Swimwear and Clothing Company. Bob Anderson is the Ujena chief photographer, Ujena Jam Talent Search Week (Bikini Jam) Founder and Director and Independent Film Director. Catherine Cross is the Public Relations Director for Ujena Swimwear and a director for Around Town Productions. Lisa Anderson Wall is UjENA's President and Head Designer. Justin Wall is UjENA Swimwear's Director of Sales. He also works closely with our CEO Bob Anderson on the further growth and development of the UjENA Jam - Talent Search Week.

J-ams are absolutely a great place to get started as a Model, Photographer, or MUA. Or if you are already established, it will take your career to the next level

E-xotic Destination shoots with gorgeous models, places like: Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica

N-ew friends to meet, friends that will last a lifetime

A-t each Ujena Jam partner companies in addition to Ujena are looking for talent (models, photographers and makeup artists) to represent their company or product. The talent selected will be featured in catalogs, at trade shows, print ads and used in other promotional activities.

S-wimwear, swimwear, swimwear

W-orkshops providing you with the skills to become a better MUA, Model or Photographer

I-mage Awards, Win an all expense paid exotic location shoot with the Ujena Crew, and over $250,000 cash, prizes, trips, contracts and gifts

M-ore and more opportunities for exposure through the Bikini Jam Sponsors

W-ondering if you have what it takes, stop by Ujena Jam to check it out

E-xpo is where everyone comes to register, network, look at images, relax and sign contracts. Each partner is given a table to display their product and services

A-lways fun is the Costume Party, 5K Race, Golf Tournament and the Big Game Fishing Tournament. Lifestyle events can vary at different locations

R-eady to Join Ujena for there next Talent Search Week

I love everything about Ujena and what it stands for! I am so thrilled to have been a part of previous Bikini Jams. I am looking forward to continuing to be a part of them in the future! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to develop my skills and grow as a model. You have truly helped shape and escalate my modeling career! I love you all dearly!

Melissa Ilievski (UT#16463) Swimwear Model

Ujena is the center for all talents to come together. Ujena is a community of great talent,ethnicity and lifestyles not to mention it's for all age groups. Ujena gives you the opportunity to network with all walks of life from models, photographers,agents,musicians,publishers and the list goes on!

Ujena has also become a second home for many!
We build friendships for life.

Although, alot of us get to build friendships through conversing on Ujena,we are given the opportunity to come together at there Bikini Jams with several contests all over the world.
A Bikini Jam is not always about winning but walking away with a learning of diverse cultures, stronger friendships and a learning from one another.

Ujena Bikini's are


Ujena may you live till the end of time!!

Kathy Zoubareff (UT#12160) Model

I LOVE UJENA BECAUSE it is like a secret little angel tucked away in my heart and my head. It is a special society apart from the normal, ordinary world I inhabit day-to-day. There is constant worry in my life, constant tension, concerns on my job, the failing U.S. economy, the Detroit Mayor sex-and-text-messaging scandal that cost the city of Detroit $9 million dollars, numerous layoffs in Michigan, the brutal weather in Michigan right now with tons and tons of snow and all I do is shovel it and push it around.

And then there is Ujena with its website of sexy AND BEAUTIFUL models, talented photographers, beautiful clothes, exotic places to travel if your credit card can hold it, and all I wish is to be a part of it on a full-time status. Ujena is a touch of FANTASY in my ordinary life.

Kathy Zoubareff a.k.a Nina Byrne Model 

Alena Dawn (UT#18590) Swimwear Model

There are so many reason why we all love Ujena and the Bikini Jams, but I will just keep it short and sweet with this essay dedicated to the experiences I've had and love with Ujena.

I hear the waves. I feel the rush. I’ve got my powder. I’ve got my brush. I feel the sun on my skin. I’ve got drive it takes to win. The sun is low, the stakes are high. I stare into the camera’s eye. Crash the waves into my soul. Capture my heart on your blank film roll.

Today again I make new friends, for years to come at all earth's ends. Shoot me till the day is done. Tomorrow I rise before the sun. See the stars fade away, see new ones shine throughout the day. Run and shoot, swim and smile. We do it best Ujena style!

On the beach or avatar, Ujena suit are best by far.

Missy Lee (UT#10976) Swimwear Model

I love Ujena for a million reasons!! Let me count the ways…

I love Ujena products – I have the hottest bikinis of all of my friends when we hang out on the beaches of Vancouver! Their styles are diverse, but always classy, beautiful, and tailored for ‘real life’. But more importantly, it takes good people to sell good product… and Ujena is not only innovative and savvy from a business perspective, but they pride themselves in furthering the careers of the models and photographers who love and support Ujena!

I love Ujena because it’s like family. From the moment I was introduced to the people and the company, I have been made to feel at home. I have been encouraged, motivated and supported, have made lifelong friends, and have had a blast at the Jams. Everyone I have met who is associated with Ujena has been kind and warm-hearted - genuinely interested in your life, your passions, and your goals (both personal and in your career).

I love Ujena because they love me! To Ujena I am not one of hundreds of models, I am ME - and each girl, each photographer, each customer, each sponsor, and each staff member is treated with respect and compassion, even at the busiest and most stressful of times. Bob, Catherine, Lisa, and the other staff (models and photographers) remember the names and faces of hundreds of people and somehow seem to remember a few things about you and who you are…even after only having met you once or twice.

I love Ujena because it promotes a healthy, active lifestyle. Ujena loves you for who you are – and they encourage health and fitness as opposed to trying to fit you into a mould. They don’t put pressure on you to be something or someone you are not. Ujena only wants you to be your best!

I love Ujena because of the Jams. Ujena is hard-working while not forgetting the important things in life – friends, laughter, taking time to recognize progress and hard work. I have met lifelong friends, made incredible industry connections, and spent time with amazing people in tropical places!!

Ujena my fun, sexy, friendly, fit, healthy, beautiful family – I LOVE UJENA!!

Let us know why you love Ujena.  We will publish the best ones and send you a special gift for your time.  Send your essay to: lisa@ujena.com





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